Luxury Midtown Condos & Apartments for sale, 305 East 51st Street

Hidden Green Spaces in Midtown


Midtown Manhattan has a surprising secret: it’s home to lush, green spaces nestled in the shadows of its skyscrapers. Cozying up to the biggest names in business and the city’s most chic luxury condos like the Halcyon, numerous parks, gardens, and blooming terraces provide peace and quiet against the city’s bustling backdrop. You just have [...]

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Halcyon Sky Lounge and The Perfect Party


Crafting a sensational NYC soirée is no easy task. And while there are numerous luxury condos in Midtown that offer spaces in which residents can host parties, the Sky Lounge in the Halcyon at 305 East 51st Street is undoubtedly the most stunning and versatile option in the area.   What sets the Sky Lounge at [...]

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Meals in Midtown: A Breakfast-to-Dinner Guide


Midtown is known as a mecca for luxury shopping, theater, dance, music, and commerce, but its culinary delights shouldn’t be overlooked. Residents of luxury condos like those at Halcyon need go-to neighborhood eateries, too, and fortunately there are plenty of tempting options available, both casual and elegant, from breakfast to late supper. Additions would only [...]

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Fall Exhibition Highlights (Within Easy Walking Distance of the Halcyon)


The Halcyon condos are perched just blocks from an array of cultural treasures, and when the early autumn weather reaches peak perfection, a stroll to visit a nearby museum is a treat for the senses. Two renowned institutions in the area ‒ the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and the Museum of Arts and Design [...]

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A Typical Halcyon Day


With easy access to amenities such as a pool, fitness center, library and sky lounge, residents of Halcyon – the luxury condo in Midtown East – would be forgiven for spending at least some of their time indulging in the comforts of home. But on Halcyon’s doorstep is a world replete with art, culture, food, [...]

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Bespoke Midtown: Luxury Shopping on an Intimate Scale, Steps from the Halcyon


Midtown East is practically synonymous with luxury: flagship Prada and Gucci stores cater to visitors from every corner of the globe, the always-chic windows at Bergdorf Goodman and Henri Bendel tempt passersby, and the fabled Plaza Hotel sits at the foot of Central Park. Tech-lovers flock to the Apple store in search of the latest [...]

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Midtown’s Historic Social Clubs


Even dwellers of the most beautiful luxury condos in Midtown might occasionally want to get out and hobnob. Luckily, urbanites eager to socialize can turn to one of the many esteemed social clubs that have been part of the fabric of the city’s life for almost two centuries. Urban life offers many riches and constant [...]

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Sutton Place


A quiet, affluent, tree-lined neighborhood dotted with parks, Sutton Place, the Upper East Side neighborhood par excellence, represents the New York of old Hollywood. It’s also the Manhattan of Mad Men, How to Marry a Millionaire and, of course, classic Woody Allen films. Though famous people have resided here, most have not been the flashy, [...]

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“Like No Other Store in the World”: The Enduring Delights of Bloomingdale’s


A worldwide destination for shoppers and culture seekers alike, Bloomingdales opened in its current location at 59th and Lexington in 1886. More than 125 years later, it shows no signs of relinquishing its iconic status. Joseph and Lyman G. Bloomingdale took their first step on a path towards building a fashion retail empire in 1861 [...]

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Sotheby’s International Headquarters and Auction House


When the impending sale of a famous work of art or an extraordinary set of jewels makes the headlines, chances are good that the story originates from Sotheby’s international headquarters on York Avenue. Bidding from around the globe has driven several benchmark sales in the world of art over recent years, and Sotheby’s boasts the [...]

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