Luxury Midtown Condos & Apartments for sale, 305 East 51st Street

Halcyon Designer S. Russell Groves Makes Architecture Digest’s Top 100


After spending nearly two decades crafting some of the world’s most iconic and innovative residential, corporate, and retail properties, the team at S. Russell Groves has found themselves in excellent company with a well-deserved spot on the Architectural Digest 100. The renowned firm, which has set up bases in New York, East Hampton, and Los [...]

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Midtown Architecture Tour – New York City


With its towering skyscrapers, beautiful luxury condominiums, and bustling streets, Midtown Manhattan is home to many of the most iconic architectural sights in New York City. Below you will find our guide to the most memorable: The Chrysler Building 405 Lexington Avenue Arguably the most beautiful building in the whole city thanks to its art [...]

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Midtown in Movies: Part Two


Midtown New York, and its iconic skyscrapers, luxury condominiums, squares and spires have been used as backdrops (and in leading roles) by all kinds of filmmakers. And these quintessential locations have seen more than their fair share of films over the past century: Times Square Today’s Times Square is a family-orientated locale, bristling with chains [...]

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Halcyon Luxury Condominiums in NYC


This 32-story luxury condominium at 305 East 51st Street combines masterful architectural design and elegant interiors to create a stunning showplace of structure, form and style. Halcyon is the collaborative undertaking of HFZ Capital, SLCE Architects, and renowned interior designer S. Russell Groves. The building is a must-see for the highly discerning buyer who appreciates world-class [...]

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Midtown East Coffee


Find the Perfect Roast in Midtown East For all the talk of Seattle being the java capital of the US, It’s hard to go a single block in New York City without stumbling across somewhere to pick up a cup of coffee. After all: New York is one of the fastest moving cities in the [...]

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The United Nations: A brief history of the international organization


World War II and its culmination brought about many changes. Though some (austerity, continued rationing, dwindled population) were brutal changes, the end of the war managed to bring about a fair amount of optimism too. In 1945 the failed League of Nations was disbanded, and in its place arose the United Nations. The aims of [...]

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