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Magnificent Materials: What Makes Halcyon Great


The Midtown East homes for sale at Halcyon rank among the most desirable condos in Manhattan, from the central, impeccably and impressively connected location to the innovative interior designs by S. Russell Groves. But there’s something else that gives Halcyon its special status—the actual materials from which it was built. From the facade’s Indiana limestone to the kitchens’ Calacatta ligano marble, each and every material has been carefully hand-selected to ensure quality, luxury, and beauty throughout. Here, we take a look at what—literally—makes Halcyon great:


Indiana limestone


Halcyon’s gorgeous exterior radiates warmth and modernity and is a perfect predictor of what lies within, thanks to the combination of glass and Indiana limestone that forms the base of the building. Sourced from Bloomington and Bedford, Indiana limestone has carved a reputation as the finest limestone anywhere in the States. It was first used by Native Americans and has since become THE stone for high-end constructions. Don’t believe us? The Pentagon, National Cathedral, and Empire State Building all use it.


Bleached walnut


Step through the door, and the material magic continues in the lobby, which is clad in bleached walnut panelling. This hardwood has a beautiful rich color that draws the eye to its natural, mesmeric swirls of grain. It’s one of the most expensive woods on the market, and, standing in the lobby of Halcyon, you’ll be able to see why.


Calacatta ligano marble and white Statuary marble


A luxury condominium is not complete without a flash of marble, and Halcyon is generously endowed with this historic commodity. Each kitchen is fitted with worktops fashioned from Calacatta ligano marble, mined in Italy, which lends a neutral, warm hue to the space. There’s more marble to be enjoyed in the bathroom. The Statuario—or Statuary—marble sink, tiles, and bath panelling have a dramatic, gray veining that punctuates the room, giving it a clean and complex texture. Get lost in the natural enchantment every time you soak in the tub.


Brushed bronze


Every Halcyon condo bathroom features brushed bronze faucets. The technique of brushing the metal ensures that while the faucets still make a statement, they’re not distractingly shiny. It’s practical too: because of the matte finish, fingerprints and water spots don’t show up. A high-class touch to your condo bathroom, these faucets also reference the bronze trim in the lobby downstairs, giving you a holistic and balanced sense of continuity.

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