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Tapas Midtown


If you’re a foodie who has difficulty choosing just one dish for your main course, then you should consider delving into tapas.

This traditional Spanish fare mixes many small hot and cold dishes that make dining outside your luxury condo in Midtown an exciting exercise in experimentation and daring flavor combinations.

Ideal for a group meal that breaks down food barriers, tapas restaurants are thriving all over the city like never before. Here are some great tapas options in the Midtown area, none too far from Halcyon.

Kilo: This cozy Hell’s Kitchen eatery is always brimming with warmth and a lively atmosphere. Situated at 857 9th Ave, not only does Kilo serve up unique takes on Spanish cuisine, it has a wine selection that is to die for. Weekends in this small restaurant might be a little too raucous for some diners who would rather prepare a home-cooked meal in their luxury condos, but for those who like to party while they eat, Kilo is ideal. For everyone else, the noise level is worth braving for the tacos and the duck salad.

Socarrat: Socarrat has five NYC restaurants in its chain—three of which are paella bars. Whether you’re dining in Chelsea (239 West 14th St), Nolita (284 Mulberry St) or East (953 Second Ave), which is right around the corner from Halcyon’s luxury condominiums, this restaurant is outstanding at bringing the flavors of Spain to the city. In the intimate Chelsea location, communal tables with a still-sophisticated feel make this a fantastic way to socialize while you eat. The made-to-order Paella is the closest you’ll get to Spain without hopping on a flight to Madrid.

Victor’s Café 52: For a Cuban take on tapas, in the heart of the theater district, Victor’s is undoubtedly a hotspot, having survived for over 50 years and 3 generations in the same family. Share the “Taste of Cuba” $49 special for an array of delicious tapas, main courses and desserts. And don’t forget: Victor’s might be famous for its mojitos, but for a real kick, try the delicious—and very strong—Cuban espresso. This place has stood the test of time for all the right reasons.

Boqueria: Authentic, flavorful, exquisitely presented tapas is the order of the day, whether you’re at the Flatiron (53 West 19th St) Boqueria or the Soho (171 Spring St) location. With a modern take on rustic, Boqueria takes all the elements of traditional Spanish dining and puts a sleek twist on things, to suit New York’s forward-thinking foodies. Tip: always check out the chalkboard for specials (it seems to be where the most exciting dishes come from) and don’t forget to order the Sangria here.

Uncorked Wine & Tapas: This elegant midtown east wine bar at 344 East 59th St serves up tapas in a bar snack style. The Spanish, French and Italian small bites compliment the high quality vino to perfection, in an ultra-cool, very modern environment. This place is ideal for those wishing to spend a fun night outside of their luxury Midtown-East condos to sample some tapas without making a full meal of it. Uncorked dishes not to miss include the three cheese truffle mac ‘n’ cheese and the grilled saffron shrimp. Simply delicious.

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