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With housing prices are out of reach for many first-time buyers and retirees down-sizing their principle residence, condos have become these buyer’s choice and has also become the perfect maintenance-free housing option for those who have retired.

It comes as no surprise that condominiums have become the most popular form of housing. Condo conversion caters to the largest market areas and to a worry-free life style.

This large market segment includes retirees & baby boomers, first-time buyers and the young professional. Each segment has its own unique reasons for preferring to become a condo-dweller.

In fact, the existing tenants often prefer condo conversions, given that the cost of ownership of their unit (including their mortgage payment and Home Owners Association Fee) is usually 25% greater than their current lease on their apartment. In every instance, their apartment has been completely renovated and they have pride of ownership.

  • If your property consists mainly of single level condominiums, less than 1,000 square feet, your target markets will most likely be first and last time buyers.
  • If your property mainly consists of larger condominium units or are townhouse style, your target markets will most likely be second and third time buyers.

However, location and pricing will affect the normal buyer profile.

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HALCYONNY is your one-stop solution for information about condo conversions. We focus 100% of our energy on condominium conversion issues, representing owners, developers, asset mangers and service providers.

Based in...

Southern California, with offices in San Diego, Santa Monica, Los Angeles and Upland, we have worked primarily with apartment owners and investors in Southern California; San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino and Riverside counties.

From concept to completion...

We can assist you in transforming your current apartment, office, medical, commercial or industrial property into condominiums.

We offer...

A complete conversion and market analysis, of your property, will tell you if your property is a prime candidate for conversion. Before you apply for condo mapping, an experienced consultant should analyze your property.

From start to finish...

We will guide you through the entire conversion process, public hearings, tenant relations & conversion financing and project management and development.