What We Do

We work closely with highly qualified civil engineers, land surveyors, government planning departments, financial institutions, and title companies during the entire document preparation process. This ensures that our clients receive the most accurate and comprehensive service available.


As consultants, we work with property owners, investors and asset managers in facilitating the local and state entitlement process, to complete a condo conversion.

We also assist investors and developers with locating, developing and marketing their condo conversion projects.

Our purpose is to provide our expertise to both types of clients, which leads to less financial and legal risk and ultimately increases the value of the asset.

Condo conversion is a complex and technical process. It requires city, county and Department of Real Estate approval. It take between 8 to 16 months, to secure the required approvals, depending upon the city, county, and state.

However, it can be done in most cases in less than 12 months. It is not a “do it yourself” process. It involves a team of engineers, architects, contractors and legal experts, experienced in the condo conversion process, to do it right. If you have an existing Tentative Condo Map or and expired public report, it takes about 6 to 8 months to get the final public report.

Each municipality has its own set of requirements for condo conversion, which will vary the cost to convert a property. Each condo conversion is done according to specific city/county/state codes.

The mechanics of converting apartment units to condos have become some what standardized, but still require a professional, experienced team to address each facet of the conversion such as:

  • Finding, retaining and coordinating qualified support personnel needed for the conversion: attorney, accountant, architect, engineer, contractor, etc.
  • Securing proposals for legal, engineering, financing, HOA budget and set-up for the conversion.
  • Ensuring that the conversion conforms to all applicable state and/or local laws, rules or regulations concerning condo conversion.
  • Assist with locating suitable financing for the project: rehab and bridge loans for the project and end-loans for your unit buyers.

We guide you thru all the different phases of the conversion process!